Monday, 18 October 2010

Bad news Bears!!

Seattle Seahawks 23 - Chicago Bears 20

I hate waking up to bad news. At least my college football team is doing better!


Dinner last night:
T made Keralan-style baked fish. I already forgot what fish he used. EEEP!! The Gordon Ramsey recipe called for Tilapia. I don't believe that was the fish he used. Anyways. T'was spiceeey. Like mouth on fire but can't stop eating good. Those red disks are beets. What a pretty color beets are. Too bad they stain anything they touch.
Tuna nicoise salad with asparagus instead of green beans. A little heavy on the salt but delish nonetheless.

Didn't take me long to use my new mixer. Nestle toll house recipe in da house!!

I'm trying to get used to our new oven temperature settings. I didn't burn the cookies but I didn't achieve the right cookie color. At least they still tasted buttery and artery clogging good ;)

My B fast this morning:
Wholewheat toast with an egg and flaxseeds (gotta get those Omega-3's!!) on top. The banana wasn't that appetizing even with that mushy piece, it still didn't taste ripe enough. O well!!

New reading material:
New diet book!! I'm such a dork. I don't like prescribing to a strict diet but I like reading diet books. I got this one in Hawaii at a used bookstore for 7 dollars. You can't really beat that price. Especially for a health/nutrition book. Maybe it's time to get back on the fitness track w. a flatter belly!

Song of the morning: The Four Tops "I can't help myself (Sugar pie honey bunch)"- Good thing there is no one in my flat right now!!

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