Friday, 21 October 2011

The best intentions..

Don't laugh at me, I made it to class today, and even made it on the bus to the gym... But I decided to get off and get Chilango's for lunch and go take a nap. I honestly couldn’t do it. My intentions were there. I SWEAR!!
Sadly, I didn't even make it to my friend's Stella and Dot party last night. I hate, HATE cancelling at the last minute, but then again, I don't really plan on getting last minute fevers either. 
T brought me home dinner last night from Tohbang. Some Korean umshik to make the pain all go away somewhat bearable.
Our spread

seafood pajun
chicken bbq

beef bibimbap
cheese omelet for breakfast
side of smoked salmon

steak salad
decided to switch it up a bit and get steak instead of chicken
  • grilled steak
  • lettuce
  • pinto beans
  • black beans
  • mild salsa
  • hot salsa
  • light cheese
  • light sour cream
YUM!! I could eat Chilangos once a week and probably not be sick of it. Delish! 

Our Friday night consists of relaxing and getting a good nights sleep before the big day tomorrow. I'm hoping I feel better than I do now! Fingers crossed...