Friday, 19 August 2011

lean like a cholula

Eating gluten free has been pretty easy so far. The only downside is that I have to check labels just to make sure there isn't any hidden's so much easier when things are clearly labeled such as the Naked Cashew Cookie I ate after subbing Zumba this afternoon.
I ate it on my walk back home or else I would have taken a picture of the actual bar. It was surprisingly pretty good for not containing any of the three ingredients. The texture sort of felt like eating a really chewy granola bar. I could definitely taste both the dates and cashews. Yum!

My class was amazing this afternoon!! Perks:
  • big smiles
  • huge gym
  • no problems with locked doors or showing up early and having to wait outside
  • being able to rehearse for 30 minutes prior to start
  • small, intimate class
  • speakers that allow for loud music
love love love!!!!

Back to yesterday's GF meals..
Lunch was very strange but somehow it worked for me. I had leftover chicken breast with brown rice, refried beans and asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto.
I don't know what possessed me to do this...but it was tasty!
some yummy GF chips to snack on prior to teaching Zumba
I love veggie chips and salsa! I couldn't even tell the chips were GF, thats how good they were!

Dinner last night
beef with salad, spinach, brown rice, beets, and lots of siracha
I swear if I didn't already crave lots of hot sauce I would think something very suspicious was going on! But trust, its just my love for siracha!! :-P
I came home to this lovely pizza for lunch. I was lazy and SUPER tired from all that moving and shuffling going on this week. Rehearsing Zumba routines AND maintaining my own workout is hard work dude!
back to pizza..
As you can tell, I like my pizza slightly overdone. I took off the pepperoni slices because the fat grams (5.9g saturated fat per 1/2 pizza!!) on this me no likey!
tried to balance the unhealthy with some slices of raw peppers ;)
I took a few bites prior to dousing it in Cholula hot sauce and it was super tasty.. I mean for a GF pizza and the crust actually tasting like a normal pizza, I was extremely pleased! The hot sauce definitely gave it that kick it was missing though since I had taken the salty pepperoni off.

For more sources of GF products, check out this website!

We're going out to eat later tonight and I'm a bit nervous about trying to keeping GF.. I mean its easy enough doing it when you're out with your significant other but when other people are involved, its a whole other ballgame! We shall see!!