Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tamarind restaurant

after my PUNCH class, I had a berrylicious protein smoothie! I didn't have any more spinach so that is why the color is so purtty!!
  • skim milk
  • handful of ice
  • frozen banana (for an extra creamy smoothie!)
  • frozen berries
  • scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • squeeze of agave nectar
  • toppings: almonds. dark chocolate chips
for lunch, I had a very odd combination but it was mighty delicious.. Yummy beets!
I also warmed up a ready made piri piri chicken from Waitrose in the oven.
with some brown rice. God, did I tell you how much I love beets?! I didn't realize I had them sitting in our fridge for my consumption. T'was my lucky day :) Did you know they're good for you too?
I also snacked on some pretzels and hummus in hungry anticipation for our lovely dinner coming up that night.

We were lucky enough to dine at Tamarind, a michelin starred restaurant.
We started with some dipping sauces and pappadoms. Hello Indian version of chips and salsa!! If you get me started, I can't stop! Good thing we were dining with others and that sort of stopped me from taking the basket and putting the crumbs to my mouth ;-)
We went with the Shahi Dawat tasting menu. Everything was really delicious!
and very pretty to look at..The green stuff is this mint chutney--it was interesting but I'm not really sold on it. The tiger prawn was HUGE and tasted amazing.
their almond and date naan was super sweet and a good dipping utensil for the finger lickin sauces!
Help!! I can't get rid of that dark shadow in all my pictures. W.T.F. (what the funk!)
a trio of delicious desserts--- the rice pudding was my fav
I would definitely recommend Tamarind for their delicious food and unique take on Indian food. Even though it was an enjoyable dining experience, with the price considered, I wouldn't necessary go back. Plus, I thought the service could have been a tad bit friendlier-- can I get a genuine smile??

Breakfast this morning: Return of eggs and hummus. Can't get enuff!
Our eggs seem extra yellow today...humph...
After breakfast, I decided to test out my foot since I didn't feel my normal aching pain. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea at the time but the open pavement and fresh air was calling my name :)
okay, so I might have run veeeery slowly but at least I was running!!
and BOY was I SOOO happy to be out running again. I'm. in. love. with. running. today! My foot only started bothering me at the 45 minute point but I was able to turn around from Regent's Park and come home with a smile on my face. Running high fo sho yo!
My feet will thank me later..

Song of the day: Santana's version of "Songbird" on Glee!