Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chili and Football

It's time for some FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe...
blergh.. I mean chili... honestly; I need to find someone who wants to go watch a game with me pronto. Seriously, this season is going to pass me by and I'm not going to know anything that's going on!!!!! Sigh. Ah, the daily struggles I go through ;-)

Here's the chili I made last night at 11p.m. after watching the first episode of Season 3's Glee. I'm not really digging the episode, but I'm really digging this spicy chili.

I added in a couple different ingredients because #1 I live in the UK and some peppers are hard to find in stores #2 it wouldn't be me if I didn't screw something up or something tasted a bit funky from the original recipe
  • 1 serrano chili pepper, minced---instead of a serrano pepper, I used a non spicy piquillo red pepper and added in more jalapeno, and cayenne pepper.
  • tablespoon of honey and tablespoon of brown sugar-- I added this in because the chili tasted a bit sour and adding these two ingredients fixed that problem up real quick!
the recipe was super easy and fun to make!
The reason why I made this so late at night was because I was waiting on my groceries to be delivered between 9-10 p.m. from Ocado (our online delivery) and the guy was 20 minutes late with my schtuff!! No one was going to stop me from making my chili last night :-). To make things slightly easier, I measured out and combined all the dry spices in a bowl that was ready to go when the groceries arrived. 

I've discovered my secret to not getting frustrated with cooking and the mess that often comes with working int he kitchen. I often prep things in advanced. I'll put on some music, chop, combine the veggies, measure, and mix the dry ingredients, etc. I divide the recipe into sections so it doesn't seem as daunting. Now this might seem straightforward to you but to someone who isn't so skilled in the kitchen, I approach everything with a different set of eyes.
topped with some light sour cream, cheese, and scallions= YUM!!!
The chili was borderline dangerously spicy but O' SO GOOD! 

Did I mention we already ate dinner prior to me making chili? :-)
Hanguk umshik from Ceena.
yukejang spicy soup- clear glass noodles, beef, mondu combined with a spicy, delicious broth
bbq chicken on top of not so good fried rice. The rice was hard and seemed undercooked.

beef bibimbap with spicy sauce

Rewind back to lunch:
leftover fish pie with broccolini spears
I've never tried broccolini spears before, and I think I'll try them again but next time make sure to cook them all the way through. These were a bit on the raw side.

My chocolate pie turned out pretty damn good! Excuse the poor picture that doesn't do the taste of the pie justice; it was the perfect size to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Agenda on this lovely Saturday morning (it's not really lovely since I have a minor headache but I'm trying to will it to be a good day!!): Enrollment at London Met, maybe get a workout in (BIG maybe), relax