Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dietetics meeting

I was at a dietetics informational meeting yesterday that lasted from 1-5. I was out the door by 4:40 though because I knew I had to get across to the other side of town to teach Zumba. Still, I made it to class about 5 minutes late. Phew! What a day! Haven’t had one of those busy afternoons since…uhhhh…. I left my full-time J-O-B?

The meeting was very informative, with many volunteer RD’s coming out to speak to us. I found the acute specialist speaker to be the most intriguing of all. As a paediatrics R.D., he deals with children who have specific dietary needs. His job is to come up with a combination of the right fats, protein, carbs, vitamins, and trace minerals for an intravenous feeding that the doctor would then administer. I had no idea that RD's had this much responsibility. Of course, you can't get this type of job straight out of college; you need more years of in hospital experience before doing specialist practices.

Another R.D. had just finished her first year and described her typical day in a hospital. Her days revolved around meetings with her colleagues, visiting and consulting with numerous patients, and continuing educational sessions. I could really sense the passion she had for her job, which I really loved to see. Here are some pro's and con's I discovered yesterday
  • work with people as a team
  • help patients become better(if ill) through food
  • work centers around food and healthier living
  • work 9-5
  • can work in a variety of different settings (hospital, community, at home freelance, schools, etc!!)
  • always doing different and varied things so your job doesn't become stagnate
  • around sick people in hospitals
  • sometimes people don't get better through prescribed diets
  • pay potential isn't the highest
  • 5 years of school (for me at least!)
  • science based schooling
After yesterday's meeting, I'm more confident that this is the right career choice for me, and that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

Dinner last night was prepared by T while I was happily Zumba-ing away!
I made us a side of greens: bok choy and courgettes sauteed in evoo, salt, pepper, sesame oil, siracha, and soya sauce.
We had ribs in Korean jochujang and red miso, its fast becoming this household's new favorite marinade. It's such a delicious creation!
the ribs were incredibly too fatty but the marinade was delicious. I think I spent more time licking the sauce off my fingers than eating any actual meat! So lady like let me tell ya.
dessert was a half a coffee frosted cupcake and another amazing double chocolate cookie.

Gym time: Back/Biceps, 3 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Plank and row with 5kg dumbbells (get into plank position with two dumbbells on either side of body near hands, take dumbbell in right hand and row dumbbell up until elbow is parallel to body then return to starting position and repeat 10 times, switch sides)
  • Hammer curl with 5kg
  • Assisted pullups 
  • Regular bicep curls with 6kg
  • Barbell row with 12 kg (I wanted to use the 15kg but a girl was already using it!!)
  • Barbell bicep curl with 10kg bar
  • Dumbbell row with knee on bench, 7kg
Lunch was Pret a Manger's tuna nicoise salad with lots of good things: tuna, string beans, potatoes, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and lettuce.

Sea salt and Cider vinegar- yum! these are my favorite flavor. I figured I could treat myself since I was having a low calorie salad :)
Good lord, my dog is still moaning even though she's already been to the park to play with her friends! Brb.. I'm gonna knock some sense into this bitch (and yes, technically they do call female dogs that, and no, I'm not really going to hit her). Peace out!!

Agenda: read more of my book, farewell dinner at Wahaca w. the girls