Saturday, 20 August 2011

Moro restaurant

We went out to dinner at Moro last night and I tried my best to be GF but I sort of had a don't ask don't tell policy going on.. I didn't ask if the food was GF and I didn't tell anyone (well.. besides the hubby) that I was on a GF kick. Sometimes its better not to get other peeps involved! Besides, I'm pretty sure the food was 80%GF
First, I started off with some sweet potato fries at home since our dinner reservation was at 9:15p.m.!
  • sweet potatoes peeled and cut into fry like pieces
  • rubbed with love and olive oil
  • sprinkled with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper
  • in the oven max temp for 20 minutes, flipped midway through
Back to dinner
We ordered a bottle of this lovely Spanish Tempranillo wine. It was a nice sipping wine and also complimented most our dishes. I'll let Wikipedia describe the wine
charcoal grilled sardines with harissa
piquillo peppers
These were very mild yet delicious peppers. I could seriously eat a whole small plate full of em!
white pork sausage with a bean puree
patatas bravas smothered in mayo and tomato sauce.. Drool worthy fo sho!
Wood roasted mackerel with lentils, gem lettuce, piquillo peppers, fried garlic and sherry vinegar
I loved this mackerel dish! The fish was perfectly cooked and the saltiness of the fish was well balanced by the creamy lentils, roasted peppers and greens.. Yum!
I also took a few bites of T's lamb with eggplant and rice. The rice was so buttery and delicious that I had to be reminded that it was the bone marrow not actual butter!

We went out for a couple cocktails at VOC after dinner and then called it a night. I woke up this morning with a huge hankering for T's special sunny side up eggs with all spice and cinnamon. My body was also craving bread since I didn't have any last night with dinner. It's actually easy to say no to the bread basket for a change since I have a set goal to go GF for only a month. I would highly recommend setting realistic goals in order to prevent slip ups in the future. For example, I probably wouldn't be able to stick with the no bread rule if I didn't have a timeline as to when I could start eating bread again. I can give up bread for a month-easy peasy!
GF bread that is :)
with some pure Olive spread. 
  • No dairy
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • No artificial additives
  • No GM ingredients
  • No gluten
this is just what my body was craving this morning!

I crawled out of the house and into the gym. I did not want to go to but I literally forced myself because I knew my body and mood would thank me afterwards!

Workout: Tone it up's Sandcastle workout
  • warm up 10 minutes jogging on the treadmill
3 sets
  • lift straight leg out with dumbbell fly (3kg weights) 10 reps, switch legs
  • curtsy lunge with bicep curl (4kg weights), 10 reps, switch legs
  • single leg deadlift with upright row (5kg weights), 12 reps, switch legs
  • hee haw- lean back while doing a dumbbell front raise (2 kg weights), 10 reps *my quads were quivering!!*
  • tummy tuck on hands with glute lift, 10 reps, switch legs
  • stability ball hamstring curls, 10 reps
  • Stretch 10 minutes
I picked up lunch at Chilangos on the way back from the gym. Their chicken salad is the perfect guilty/healthy pleasure.
  • lettuce
  • pinto AND black beans
  • chicken
  • mild and hot salsa
  • guacamole
  • I added in some brown rice and cottage cheese for some extra protein at home
I also doused it in more hot sauce..
This should keep my full til dinner!!

I'm SUPER SUPER excited to go see Kevin Spacey in Richard III at the Old Vic tonight. Sam Mendes also directed the play! Shhh.. don't tell anyone but I used to have a massive crush on Kevin Spacey.. I think he's weirdly hot, hahaha!!