Monday, 5 December 2011

Crabby- and I ain't talkin about the soup!

How I'm feeling these days:

Proceed with caution

I swear everything and anything can set me off these days. My mood is off the charts and I'm not talking about in a good way! Where are those lovey dovey pregnancy hormones I sometimes read about? You know, where you get all nesty and comfy.. Psh.. All I feel these days is annoyed at mostly anything and everyone as if nothing is going right. Isn't it supposed to be THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!! Grrr..

Proceed with caution: Raging, temperamental Pregnant Woman on the loose!!
Back to blogging- T and I headed out to Angel on Saturday, mainly because I had to pick up some graph paper for Chemistry assignment, but secondly because we were hungry and I specifically wanted pizza for lunch. I change my mind on everything I’ve said in the past: all I’ve been craving this pregnancy is pizza, pizza, pizza!

We had a really great lunch at Made in Italy, a chain that does tasty, fresh, and fast Italian food 
We started with a salad so I wouldn't feel so guilty about what came next :-). The salad was perfectly dressed and seasoned with a generous portion of veggies (besides the standard leaves).
We ordered 1/2 mushroom and 1/2 buffalo pizza.
Fugetaboutit! I went ahead and enjoyed a slice with the delicious buffalo mozzarella cheese. Seriously, is there anything better than cold, fresh milky cheese?
this half was dressed w. mushrooms, truffle oil, and rocket leaves- YUM!!! The pizza was perfectly crisp on the bottom and chewy on the inside.

After lunch, we went in search of an ice cream dessert but ended up walking around the neighbourhood before getting cold and deciding to head back. BUT! Not before, we stopped by our local Chapel market fishmonger to pick up some things for dinner. Poor T- I had this weird craving for a crab stew my mom used to make and the best I could do to describe it was red, spicy, and really flavourful with crab soaked into the broth. After picking up our ingredients, I called my momma and she gave me a brief run down on what goes in the stew and somehow he managed to make it, almost how I remembered it! Bravo.
Some ingredients that went in (but not all)
  • Korean spicy paste (gochujang)
  • red miso paste
  • garlic
  • green onions
  • red pepper flakes
  • sesame oil
  • mushrooms
  • soft tofu
  • and best of all CRAB!
making sure the crab is soaked in and gets in all the juices of the broth. We bought the crab cooked before realizing later that it was best to buy it uncooked to really get the flavor of the soup in it.
We started with a cooked scallop roll and nigiri piece. This definitely hit the spot for my sushi fix except that it wasn't quite enough!! :-)
More puhlease!
our second course was equally as amazing: langoustines cooked in parsley garlic butter. Get past the freakiness of the claws and eyes because OMG it was delicious.. Drool..
Last but not least, we had our crab stew for the main dish. 

This guy was very hard to eat, but so good that I was willing to get my hands a little dirty. I think I got a good chunk of the crab meat because Poor T kept saving all the difficult pieces for himself and letting me snag all the easily freed meat claws.
What a memorable dinner!

On Sunday, I spent most of the day lounging in bed and finishing the last book of the Hunger Games series. After less than a week, I'm done with the series, Whoop Whoop! After reading, I watched the Bears get trounced on a bit and saw our playoff hopes go slowly down the toilet... sigh.. Bring on Monday!