Friday, 13 April 2012

Week 34

I got some potentially great news at the doctors today: I am no longer in breech and the baby is head down, with the high likelihood that he'll stay in this position until birth (says the doc). Woo hoo!! At my appointment today, the doc also seemed to know just by touching my stomach where Gabe's butt was and he guided my hand to where a "soft" spot was and said that's where his bum is, hehe.. cute huh? In 2 more weeks, I'll have an ultrasound to measure growth, my first ultrasound in the third trimester, which I'm really looking forward to!

Some days I feel that my stomach has gotten bigger and other days I feel like it hasn't changed much in the past few weeks. I regret not being more diligent about taking photos of my belly every week, it would have been nice to create a slideshow at the end of my pregnancy to really capture my growth; oh well, better late than never I guess!
My craving for Panera |Bread hit after my doctor appointment so I stopped and got a You pick 2: Frontega chicken sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup...yum!
My laziness has hit an all time high this week, making me not want to cook at all so I ordered takeout from Cozy Noodles, a Thai restaurant. Funny that I haven't craved Thai at all during my pregnancy, maybe even had an aversion to it but that suddenly disappeared this week. The food was okay, I'll probably try another Thai place next time. The crab rangoon was crispy, which I like, but there was barely any crab or cream cheese filling. The vegetarian egg rolls on the other hand were simple yet tasty.
I ordered the one of the only few spicy noodle dishes called Pad Khee Mao, which included wide rice noodles with chicken, basil leaves, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, baby corn and bell pepper.
I think I've finally stopped ordering baby things and am now ready to get the things we have at home prepped for baby. Our task this weekend: Putting together our toy box that matches our nursery theme!!