Saturday, 26 March 2011

Restaurant Week

It was a beautiful night in London last night. It's really beginning to feel like SPRING!!
We were in the Mayfair area. I love it. It reeks of opulance and money money monnneeeey! Hey, it's nice to pretend every once in a while :-D
We've ARRIVED! It's restaurant week in London. Fine dining at prix fixe prices. I dig it.
Dipping sauces for the Pappadoms
cute little bite size pieces :)
My drink: Passionfruit, lemon, kiwi juice. Tart, sweet, and delicious!
Organic hake and garlic cakes with mushy peas and beetroots. Flaky and crispy.. Yum!
Tandoori chicken with spinach rice. This was an amazing dish. The chicken was tender and had that wonderful tandoori smokey taste to it with a tomato based sauce on bottom.
with naan for dipping
Mango and pistachio kulfi. It's like ice cream but a bit icier, sort of like sorbet.
Petit fours to share!
Breakfast: scrambeled eggs with wholewheat toast

After breakfast, I went to the gym to do some weights. Today's focus was Bis/Tris.

Lunch: Another restaurant week menu at Gordon Ramsey's The Warrington.
Hers: Split pea soup w. real bacon chunks!! I don't mean fake London "bacon" which is more like canadian ham but real American bacon pieces! Mmmm..
His: beet salad with goat cheese
shoulder of lamb, mashed potatoes, and spinach all smothered in delicious gravy. Comfort food for the soul
Hazelnut and brown sugar slice with champagne poached rhubarb. The hazelnut slice was nice but I wasn't digging the sour rhubarb flavor.
Apple crumble. Sweeeetness. Great way to end the meal :)