Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bye Noms!

I scrounged around for something to make for lunch yesterday. Our fridge is slowly dwindling down because I haven't bought any groceries since we're leaving town tomorrow.
Tofu blocks it is! Just trying to get all the excess moisture off the tofu first..

tofu marinade of honey, soy sauce, chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, sesame oil, and garlic powder.

the tofu turned out with a lovely soy sauce-y sweet coating.
with some green tea soba noodles sauteed with onions and soy sauce.
a delicious and healthy meal!
T made us breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs and frankfurters.
berry smoothie on the side.

After dropping off Noma, I stopped by Pret to pick up lunch. I was emotionally and physically spent! So tired after spending 2 hours on the tube. :( bye Noma!!
I love Pret sandwiches and their amazing artisan baguette bread. Very crunchy and delicious.
Time to prep for my Korean class today..