Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rockford musings

My time spent here in Rockford has been really wonderful so far. I think I've missed so much of the conveniences of suburbia life that I've hardly thought about missing the busyness of London. I'm sure I'll begin to miss it eventually, but I'm hoping we'll be out of Rockford by then and moved into Chicago. I'm currently looking for places online and am in the process of scheduling multiple viewings.

Necessities in an apartment:
  • 3 bed/2 bath- T and I, babes, and guestroom
  • indoor parking- I really don't want to be lugging around the babes in the cold and snow outside!!
  • pet friendly- for Sonoms
  • family friendly area- unlike where we lived in London, I'm not looking to live right across a construction site!!
  • square footage of 1200 plus- I can't imagine living in a place smaller than our old flat!
  • laundry in unit- Welcome to the land of washer and dryer units sold separately!!
  • updated kitchen/bathroom (stainless steel appliances, granite countertops)
  • fireplace
  • balcony
So far, we've spent our time here eating, watching TV, and relaxing. The other night, we tried a new sushi joint in Rockford called J.W. Marc's Fusion. The only other sushi place we ever go to is JMK but my family decided that this place offers better, bigger cuts of sushi. While everyone dug into the delicious looking raw platter, I stuck with a lemon garlic shrimp dish which was pretty good. The only problem I had was there was too much sauce.

I helped myself to a couple pieces of the cooked rolls; sometimes all you need is a bite to satisfy a sushi craving!

Breakfast this morning was a trip to the good ole' Cracker Barrel. What more could a girl want other than a crackling fireplace, country music playing in the background, comfort food, and good company!

I had a bite of T's candy like sweet potato pancakes. I could only manage a small bite it was that sweet!
I also picked up a little something for the babes at the Cracker Barrel store. You know you're in Illinois when....
We also stopped by Petsmart to pick up a bigger coat for Sonoma. Unfortunately the other coat we bought was way too small. This one ended up being a bit bigger than I would have liked but at least she doesn't seem uncomfortable walking around in it!
 She ain't amused.
2 pairs of boots for momma from Shoe Carnival- yippee!