Monday, 17 October 2011

Pizza Sunday

I'm SICK! ARGHGARERRRR!!!! My first cold of the fall season and I was damn hoping not to catch one this year. I guess I couldn't have avoided it forever since T had a really bad cold last week and we were avoiding each other like the plague. I'm so paranoid and very careful when he's sick but I'm not even sure why since we always end up getting each other sick anyways! I literally haven't left the house since Friday night, after getting back from dinner at Wahaca (which was delicious again btw). I'm trying to sleep lots, and drink lots of fluid so I can try and get better before school starts again this week. I have a quiz on Wednesday and I have to make sure I do well! I don't want to start the year on the wrong foot by doing poorly!

We ordered pizza last night from a new place called Venezia. The food was delicious, but we won't be ordering delivery from them again since our food came an hour and 15 minutes LATE. T was getting so frustrated that he almost cancelled the order 3 times. What can I say, it was almost 9 and we were starving! By the time it arrived, the driver was apparently pretty apologetic and charged us only 1/2. What a shame since the pizza was good for delivery standards.

These kind of grilled wings are my favourite; wings that are heavily fried in batter and oily are not. 

After dinner, I called it a night early and crashed.
breakfast, sleep, wake up, LUNCH
leftover slices of pizza and minestrone soup
seasoned with a bit more salt, pepper, and chili flakes
okay, I'm going to attempt to study even though I feel like just curling back in bed and napping until tomorrow morning :(

Did you see this? What a sad story..