Saturday, 17 March 2012

More sights and eating in LA

Only I would be this happy going into Roscoes!!
I had been talking about going here since we came to this lovely sunny state.
We shared 2 combination platters- one with 1/2 a chicken and 2 waffles and the other with mac n cheese, greens, corn bread, and 2 thighs.
but I really dug into the buttery waffles and greasy chicken com bow. I swear the baby was doing a happy dance after this meal.
On Thursday, we took a trip to The Huntington- home of Botanical gardens and library/art collection
the weather was perfect during our entire stay (minus the chilly mornings of course) and we couldn't have asked for a better day to walk around the Botanical Gardens.

Our last lunch stop on Wednesday was a pick your own ingredients sushi place
I ordered a standard California roll and had a side of seaweed/cucumber salad
I liked the concept of the place but the roll tasted like anything I would find in a higher end grocery store premade-