Monday, 19 December 2011


Since my mom has gotten here, the days have been flying by, I can't believe it's already Monday and time for my gender scan. I'm super excited!!! Here's to hoping the lil bean doesn't cross his or her legs :)
my mom ordered the seafood soup
On Friday afternoon, we stopped by Miso after going to the gym to cancel my gym membership and right before doing some Christmas shopping. We both ordered soups since it was Freeeeezzing outside and my body was craving something hot and warm. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the noodles they used since they tasted somewhere between ramen noodles and the noodles you get in a microwavable asian noodle soup cup at the grocery store. For restaurant prices, I figured they could have at least invested in better noodles! Thankfully the broth and veggies made up for this.
chilli beef soup
T made us another wonderful omelet over the weekend. This one was stuffed with lots of mushrooms, spinach, peppers, and American cheese.
Yuuum! Check out that delicious, gooey cheese!!
Tuna bake with broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, gluten free pasta, and cream of mushroom soup (made by T). Comfort food all the way :)
We went to the Fellow on Saturday night, a gastropub near our flat. We've been there twice and loved the food each time. I had the chicken that was cooked on a bed of barley, veggies, and salted beef. The chicken was cooked perfectly-crisp on the outside and REALLY flavorful and juicy on the inside. It was really delicious!
My mom equally liked her cod dish on a bed of greens, bacon and clams.
T's duck with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts. I had a bite of his dish and it was fantastic. The duck was the star though with a wonderful sweet broth.
We finished off our meal with a sticky toffee pudding dessert with ginger ice cream. I could barely take a couple bites since I was super full but what I had was pretty good. The ginger ice cream had actual pieces of ginger in it- yum!
Breakfast this morning of eggs w. cinnamon and all spice and a side of spoiled avocado (that I obviously could not eat!!). Time to get ready for my appointment :-) :-) :-)