Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Grand Imperial restaurant

I didn't take pictures at all on Sunday but here's what we did:

Had all you can eat Dim Sum with friends at the Grand Imperial near Victoria station. The restaurant with its pillars and decorative floral pieces was a beautiful sight. Objectively speaking, I could tell that the food was really fresh and delicious, but it just didn't sit well with me in the end. T really enjoyed it though and thought it was the best Dim Sum he's had in London. The service was pretty piss poor but I guess that's just "London service." Why you ask? Our main waiter wasn't friendly AT ALL, in fact, I don't think he even smiled once. He seemed flustered, and didn't know his menu very well when we asked him a question about a certain type of dim sum. I reaaaaaally hate bad service considering the dining experience can be so much more heightened with friendly/helpful service. Just a side note, I think all you can eat applies only on Sunday afternoons. We showed up at 12:30.

After Dim Sum, T and I went home to relax for a few hours, and then we headed off to Bodeans for some Kansas City style BBQ and American FOOTBALL. We watched the Dallas Cowboys kick some Lions ass and then went home early only to find out that the Lions came back to win the game! lol.. W. T. *£&$£$^£&$^£&$^£&???!??!... At least my Bears won!! All and all, it was a great way to spend a Sunday.

Moving on to Monday...

I started the morning with a bowl of Blueberry oats. Most of the morning was spent napping, reading, and doing some Zumba choreography.

For lunch, I cooked a frying steak on the stovetop with some bok choy and kim chee on the side. I prepared the steak quite simply, just rubbing it with coconut oil and sprinkling some Montreal Steak seasoning on both top and bottom. I think I found the technique to cooking my steak juuuuust right. I made sure to heat the pan nice and hot first, and then added my steak (you can tell the pan is hot bc the meat makes that wonderful sizzling noise when it hits it). I cooked one side for 3 minutes, then turned the steak over and placed a lid on top, cooking the other side for an additional 3-4 minutes. The key is not to fuss with the meat and allow it to cook. It turned out pretty tender and delicious dipped in bbq sauce.

My workout for the day was a late afternoon PUNCH class. I've substituted my Wednesday class for Monday since I'll be in class all day!
T made this wonderful dinner last night. Japanese chicken and egg in a delicious, sweet marinade all over rice.
kimchi and kactoogi- Korean side dishes
I made the veggies: sauteed zuchinni with EVOO, siracha, sesame oil, and soy sauce.
asparagus lightly seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper
Yum! This is Asian comfort food at its finest.
the broth was definitely slurpable
Breakfast was a bowl of Gluten Free corn and rice krispies with a sliced banana and a squeeze of agave nectar to sweeten up the cereal.
Agenda: Fingers crossed** I make it to the gym, teach Zumba, relax