Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy Anniversary!

After teaching zumba last night, T and I went out to dinner at Taro in Soho. Our original plan was to go to Wahaca for Mexican but decided to skip it once we found out the wait time was an hour!! It was almost 9 by the time we arrived. There is no way in heck I am going to eat at 10 p.m. Have you seen me when I haven't eaten?! Movin on..
Thankfully, we've been to Taro several times and we've always enjoyed the food there. The food is one story, and the crowded tables put reaalllllllllllllllllllly close together is another. As we were about to leave the restaurant, I noticed the two girls I would have to ask to move so I could leave the table. One girl proceeded to scout in her chair a centimetre as if I was some skinny waft who could fit between the little space she graciously gave me. Another gave me a horrified look as if I could magically lift her seat and throw her out the way!! Grr, respect people.. Seriously?!? Anyways, I digress...I ordered the seaweed salad to start and it did not disappoint; it was really flavorful, fresh, and delicious!
miso soup that came with T's teriyaki chicken bento.
the teriyaki chicken at Taro is their speciality bento box. The chicken skin is lightly fried but SUPER crispy and the meat is super tender and full of teriyaki flavor. Yuum!
I ordered the seafood noodle dish since I had an itch for it, but was pretty disappointed when this came out. The noodles had a weird consistency to it and the soup was ehhh bland.

This morning we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary with some exchanging of wedding gifts. I can't believe its been a year already. How time flies... and we they said it wouldn't last ;-)
although I'm not a watch person, I was super excited to get this watch from him. Now's a good time as any to start wearing a watch!!
It's slightly big on my tiny wrist so I'll have to go and get it adjusted, but it's a beautiful watch.
I already knew this one was coming- We're going to the Bears v. Buc's game on October 23. Hot diggity dawg!! I'm SOOOOO stoked!!
more workout gear for the pink luva in me!! 

Time for some 2 star Michelin dining!!