Monday, 19 September 2011

slow and steady wins the race

On Saturday, we ordered some Lebanese food from Mezza Express in Camden. As always, everything was very delicious. The whole chickpeas on top adds a really nice different but still creamy texture to the hummous- yum!
side veggies
I was super happy to be eating falafel again after my gluten free stint. Chickpeas, the main ingredient in falafel don't contain any gluten, but most recipes for falafel calls for some flour. These were very tasty!
the grilled meats platter
my plate had a little bit of everything-- yum!

This morning, I decided to make some scrambled eggs as usual, but this time, I declared in my kitchen (yes, I often speak outloud to myself- don't judge ;) ) that I was going to use some butter, and I was going to use some butter specifically because of Jennie.

Jennie is a blogger I accidentally stumbled upon when surfing the blogosphere a while back. Her story is a tragic one as she recently lost her husband due to an instant deadly heart attack. He was only in his 30's and left behind Jennie and their two young children.

Strangely, even though I don’t know her, I find myself drawn to her website almost daily. Since her husband passed, she doesn’t post as often as I check, but she does keep writing. I love that. Her posts usually make me cry, but this one made me determined to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs to date!

A tiny backstory- the way I usually cook my eggs is on high heat and with multiple sprays of PAM or some other non stick spray. I think this is because I'm diluted and think this saves tons of calories. It probably isn't the case because I didn't use tons of butter this morning and the eggs turned out fantastic.

As I was stirring my eggs on low heat this morning, I kept repeating to myself “slow and steady wins the race.” I also sent some healing vibes to Jennie and her family, even though I’ve never let her know who I am.
the eggs were fluffy as the post predicted and super buttery and delicious
In the gym:
  • Treadmill run for 30 minutes
  • ab work
  • stretch
For lunch, I picked up another Pret A Manger's sweet chili chicken and coriander sandwich, and paired it with a side of balsamic and vinegar chips.
Agenda: learn some more zumba choreography, read, relax