Sunday, 29 January 2012

Livin the good life

yukgaejang- spicy Korean beef and vegetable soup
Interestingly enough, now that I've started eating my mom's home cooking, my stomach pains have magically disappeared! :-) I definitely think I can attribute my problems to eating most of my food out and choosing the wrong things to eat!
oreo's mcflurry
Since eating better I've also felt my appetite return slightly. Before, I didn't want to eat anything in particular and everything tasted a bit bland.
spicy fish and salad
tilapia made with Korean spices, radishes, and onions.
We made a solo trip to Chicago last Friday and stopped Manny's Deli in Chicago. Did you know our President eats there? he he he..
They have sandwiches as big as yo face- fo' reals! T and I split a corned beef sandwich and I went with a side of Chicken noodle soup which was just Ehhh (too much noodle, not enough broth!). After lunch I went to scout out some apartments and found one with a lot of potential; great neighborhood (Bucktown), close to public transportation (blue line), close to highway, parking (available for extra but maybe negotiable), 3 bed/2 bath, and modern kitchen. The only downside is that the only entrance to the property is through a side entrance AND T doesn't think its been maintained very well. I'll be going back to look with another agent this Tuesday so if I don't find anything better, we'll be making our offer!! **Fingers Crossed!!**
Sonoma's really been loving the extra attention these days. Here is my mom's failed attempt and teaching her to play the piano. Who does she think Sonoma is... Uggie or somethin?

Last night, my dad made his first meal back!
We all waited very patiently.. .some at their feet and others catching up on episodes of CSI :-)
We had grilled meats with dipping sauces, lettuce, and spring onion. Yuuumm!!!
Life is good!