Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Something about a boy..

My sweet baby boy chose not hide anything during our scan earlier this week. In fact, it took less than a second from when the ultrasound tech put the jelly on my stomach and when the probe touched my skin to find out what was hiding between my baby's legs. I couldn't believe my eyes, I swear it was a hand or another nub!!! Te he he he..

The appointment lasted literally 10 minutes and we were out of there in no time. I sort of wanted to stay in there and watch the baby forever, but alas, our time was up! Not only did we find out the sex, but it was sort of a mini check up to see how he was doing. His growth measures up to par from our last scan at 12 weeks. He is now 17 weeks and 7 days.. :-) Our next scan AND last scan is at 22 weeks before we head off to the states. Sweet home Chicago here I come!!!

Feelings about the gender:

While growing up, I definitely thought about having kids one day. I always babysat kids when I was younger, and I can say that from an early age, I felt a strong maternal calling. I feel very very very fortunate to be in this position I am today, because I know how unlucky some women are. It's a lot of heartache, but SO worth it in the end to get such a beautiful, clear picture of a growing baby. So my initial preference was having a boy first so I could (hopefully) have a girl second after a few years but after some thought, I reevaluated what was important and decided that I didn’t care which gender I had and this was my feeling up until my scan. Now that we have the gender figured out, I'm super excited to start doing some shopping- baby clothes are the cutest!
Prior to my scan, T picked us up some lunch- a falafel salad for me and my mum (as the Brits would say). Hers included eggplant and mine had guacamole.
For dinner, my mom cooked me a really lovely salmon and Korean soup dinner.
I didn't think I was craving Korean food but this proves otherwise!!
salmon, brown rice, and spicy paste for my lettuce wraps.
a mix of Korean/Japanese influenced soup- she used red miso paste since she didn't have daenjang, which is a Korean bean paste. The veggies included pak choi, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. YU-MMY!!
scrambled egg and avocado breakfast prior to more Christmas shopping! I'm done w. all my shopping but my mom had a few more things to pick up. Time to do some wrapping! We stopped by the Korean store at Centrepoint to pick up some ingredients for dinner and meals for the week.
bulgogi- beef sweetened with asian spices, honey, and rice wine vinegar with onions, mushrooms, and spring onions.
spicy doenjang chigae with the right bean paste, tofu, and veggies.
As usual, T made us a delicious bulgogi omelet with the leftover meat and additional yellow peppers. Excuse the shadow- it was too early in the morning for me to care!!

Time to get my study on... I still have finals to prep for!