Friday, 1 July 2011

Dates and Almond butter= perfection!

I haven't finished a book in two days for a reaaaallly reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly long time. As in maybe when I was a teenager and into reading like it was my job
Remember these?
Some of my old time faves. Anyway, the book was a very easy read. It's funny, charming, tear jerking at times, and heartwarming. I would definitely recommend reading it! I can't wait for the movie to come out :)
I stopped by Pret after teaching Zumba to get a tuna sandwich and some tomato soup.
Their tomato soup is actually pretty good. It has chunks of soft tomato and is not as acidic like most tomato soups I've had. Delish! So I went all the way out to Wimbledon, taking over an hour to get there and was greeted by ONE person. I guess lucky for her it was a one on one class but I seriously think I could hear the crickets, ha!
snack before teaching Zumba class numero dos.
holy crap whoever thought of putting almond butter and dates together is a GENIUS! It's a great tasting combo AND it helped keep me full and provided me with some natural sugar energy for my class.
okay, this eating out business is getting absurd. I'm so lazy!! Maybe because it's almost 8:30 by the time I come home and I really don't want to cook! I stopped by Royal Thai again and ordered the green chicken curry this time. So the curry wasn't so good because it was watery and lacked that thick awesome curry flavor but I love bamboo shoots so I didn't complain too much.
aaaand more fried veggie spring roll goodness.
I awoke this morning to find T working hard in the kitchen. I think I woke up because the house smelled like food. Man, my nose is good! He made us eggs sweetened with mirin, sesame oil, smoked turkey, avocado, and togarashi. It was innnnteresting and pretty good. T wasn't too impressed with himself but I liked it because it was different! 

Agenda: Gym, study, start reading my next book (House at Riverton), teach Zumba, GHOST STORIES! Man, I've been wanting to see this since its been out and we're finally going tonight. So excited that I think I actually had a scary dream last night in anticipation for tonight. NO JOKE!