Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bake love fest!

Our internet has been acting funky on me so these pictures are a few days old. T made us lasagne for dinner with the leftover ground beef we had from the weekend
I seriously can't have lasagne without some garlic bread! Yuuum!!
Lasagne with peas? Hey it worked.
we gave little Nomi a much needed bath! You know its time to give her a bath when her ears have some sticky gunk on it. Eeeewww.
It's a love almost borderline obsessive relationship I have w. my dog :-D
quick breakfast of Special K and bananas then Zumbatime

roasted parsnips, zuchini, carrots

lasagne leftovers for lunch w. lots of veggies. I may have overdone the portion of pasta. I was HUNGRY!
mid afternoon protein smoothie with toppings: goji berries, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, cacoa nibs
thai laksa seafood soup
late night chinese food dinner from takeaway Chop Chop
duck over rice
no good for you spare ribs but oh so delicious!
I was in a baking mood this morning so I decided to make a few things :). These recipes are courtesy of Eat, Live, Run. Jenna is a Paris branch Cordon Bleu graduate so I definitely trust her recipes. I know they are going to be good!
There is something almost therapeutic fun about mixing dough with your hands.
The trickiest part for me was cutting the dough into "wedges".
I skipped the chocolate drizzle because I knew they were already going to be sweeeet!
Dark chocolate and apricot scones- straight out of the oven DELICIOUSness! I couldn't even wait til they cooled to try one. It was melted chocolate on my hands good!
Now onto chocolate raspberry brownies. I used organic Daylesford Raspberry Jam that I received in our Ocado order this morning- that justifies making these brownies right??! Oh AND I used a cup of fresh raspberries. That should count as my one a day. hehe..
If you like chocolate and raspberries, I would definitely recommend making these. They are really good!
I wish I had more people to bake for. We can't possibly eat all this ourselves :-D Sometimes I wonder if I try too hard to sabotage my healthy eating habits- ha! Oh well! Anything is good in moderation :)
before I decided to stuff myself with scones and brownies, I thought it would be a safe bet to eat some breakfast! Never bake on an empty stomach=dangerous!!

Agenda: PUNCH class, Korean studies, salsa