Thursday, 3 November 2011

I studied for that??

**I wrote part of this blog last night, but couldn't upload it because seriously, our internet still sucks at life right now!!**
Anyone ever watch a scary movie while studying for a test? Well that is exactly what I'm doing right now while watching Friday the 13th Part 2. Ha! I have a weird obsession with scary movies even though I close my eyes through most of the gory parts. Definitely have seen this movie before though.

Anyway, lucky for me, my Biology test tomorrow will be based on the formative assessment questions we can do online as many times as we want. I’ve done all 3 test assessments about 20 times each and the questions are becoming repetitive so I think I’m pretty much all set for tomorrow!

Dinner a few nights ago..
I love sauteing peppers in just three ingredients: Delicious!
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
We had some jambalaya, and oven baked salmon along with the peppers.
I can't seem to cook my salmon right. It always turns out a bit dry and tough even though I marinate it 30 minutes prior to cooking. The marinade I used was honey, soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a bit of sesame oil.

and my Korean lunch streak continues. On the plate are some spicy Korean noodles, leftover spicy bulgogi, kim chi, spinach, seasoned seaweed, and brown rice. My plan for this Christmas is to have my mom come teach me how to cook Korean food. Little does she know; her coming here has more purpose than just wanting to see her, although I am very excited to have her for the Holidays.
The plate looks huge but I swear it was just a little bit of everything :-)

I finally made it to the gym this morning after not going for a couple weeks. I tried out a different Virgin active gym near my school. It was nice since there weren't as many people there and I could move around freely in the weight room. There's also a ladies room only, so when or if I start to feel self conscious, I can always go in there. It felt SOOOOO good to be back, even though I couldn't lift as heavy, I still felt very accomplished. *pats myself on shoulder* Today's lifting session was back and biceps. 3 sets, 8-10 reps.
  • lat pulldown
  • barbell bicep curl
  • barbell row
  • hammer curl
  • dumbbell one arm row
  • incline bicep curl
My test this afternoon was a total bust, but in a good way. There were only 20 questions and I finished in 5 minutes!! What a joke!! I seriously studied my ass off for that?! Oh well, lesson learned. At least I think I got 100%!

Time for a nap!