Sunday, 17 July 2011

Camino restaurant

Lunch date at Nandos because it was rainy and a perfect day for it. Do we need any other excuse for piri piri chicken!?
cutie patootie alert!!
we ordered the whole chicken platter w. piri piri spice sprinkled chips
with 10 wings (5 lemon & herb, 5 extra hot!) and a side of garlic bread and corn on the cob
T's garlic bread with grilled haloumi. I'm not a huge fan of the salty haloumi but when I'm in the mood for it, its extra delicious!

We spent most of the day just lounging around and then went out for dinner around our Kings Cross hood.
We looked up stumbled upon a great cozy bar called Bar Pepito. They serve a small selection of spanish tapas, wines, and their house specialty Sherry.
the bar is pretty small but we were fortunate enough to grab table both times we were there (before and after dinner)

We ordered their pan tomate to wet our appetites for dinner at Camino. This was fantastic! A perfect combination of crispy bread, tomatoes, olive oil, and sea salt. Yuuum!!

Dinner was at Camino restaurant across the way in Regent's Quarter:
We were brought a mini platter of olives as a starter
couldn't resist ordering more pan tomate but the Pepitos was definitely better. Camino's was lacking the extra olive oil topping and salt. 
potatoes w. mojo picón (not sure what the sauce is but it tasted tomato-y!)
crispy squid with dipping mayo.
We ordered a pitcher of a rum based drink. T wasn't a fan since it tasted predominantly of coconut rum. I'm not really sure if I'm a big fan of malibu anymore either. Icky.. too many drunken college memories of the stuff. :-)
octopus with olive oil mash and paprika
cuttlefish squid ink rice.
rib eye
leek gratin on top of flatbread
chocolate fondant cake with ginger ice cream and a berry compote.

The food was delicious but everything came out all at once and most it was served COLD or at room temperature-- a big no no in my book! The food definitely had a lot of potential to be great if it was at least served hot. Everything felt like it had been sitting out for too long. Bummer right?! Also, given how much everything cost, T and I would probably go back to or All in all, I would go back if I wanted tapas near our home or a lively place to grab a quick bite and fun cocktails.
more eggs and hummus for breakfast