Monday, 21 February 2011

Takeout level 3 Personal Trainer assessment and case study. Yippee!!! I only have two more full weeks of my program and am one step closer to becoming a PT and more importantly, rejoining the real world!! Now if only I could find out whether or not I failed I passed my theory paper. :o)

I got up at 6 this morning to prepare myself a complete breakfast of eggs and toast and do a bit more revising. Breakfast in my pink jammies!!!
I swear the day of trying to eat healthy started out well.......

Dinner: takeout chinese. I really need to start eating better.No joke I've literally gained 5 pounds or so since the start of this year. BAD BAD BAD!!!
But who can resist a bit of ribs, fried rice, and a hoisin slathered duck wrap.
sliced pieces of duck
Sweet n Sour shrimp
very spicy Schezwan chicken. I love Chinese takeout but I just wish it was a bit healthier. Time to get my bootay in gear. Summer is right around the corner and I want a bangin bikini body. hehehe.. Kind of like her. yeheaaa. She looks amaaaazing. Go Padma!!