Thursday, 30 June 2011

Young Dealmaker of the Year award

Yay! I was able to find these two books at our local library- saved some money chaching!
....but I had to go out and buy this one. I don't mind at all because I already can't put it down!
lunch yesterday was oven baked chicken w. leftover coleslaw and brown rice.
I seasoned the chicken w. honey, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and EVOO.

Later that evening, I accompanied the hubs to an awards ceremony. He was honored with a DealMaker of the Year award from Merger Markets. They had a lovely cocktail and canapes reception at the ShoreDitch house. I was a bit bummed we couldn't check out the top floor pool area they have but they did let people use their bowling alley.
I felt a bit awkward bringing my camera into the reception so we made do with pictures afterwards at dinner.
Congrats T!
His hard work finally pays off :-D
more celebratory drinks and dinner at Lahore Kabab House.

We had to wait for about 2 minutes before heading into the dining area. They have a waiting area with a complimentary salad bar that we helped ourselves to.

as always, the food did NOT disappoint. Everything was amaaazing!
lamb chops

pilau rice

king prawn curry

lamb biryani
chicken tikka masala
Breakfast then I'm teaching Zumba all the way out near Wimbledon. Looks like I'll have to take the Underground, Overground, and then a bus to get there!
Agenda: teach zumba, rest, read, teach zumba again!