Friday, 17 June 2011

Renaissance restaurant

We went out to eat at Renaissance restaurant in Islington when T's brother and girlfriend came into town. Unfortunately, the food was mediocre at best. :( I definitely would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.
bottle of Rose to least the wine was nice and light!
caprese salad
The cheese in the salad didn't taste fresh and there was a lack of any sort of flavor.. I could taste- no basil.. no balsamic.. no olive oil. WTF!! I guess the tomatoes were fresh at least!
Eggplant parm
shrimp pasta
The Bull
We stopped by after dinner for a pint. The Bull has some good beers on tap and a great selection of different beverages.

T's brother made us a delicious breakfast this morning: 1/2 Wholegrain bagel with light cream cheese, lightly scrambled eggs with onions, mushrooms and fresh spinach on top.
I love the cream cheese and egg combination. Delish!
Quick eats before heading off to Noura's graduation. Yippee!!!!
Agenda: Graduation, Lunch at Tsunami, Dinner at Ran..It's a day of celebration.