Friday, 16 March 2012

Eating in LA

We're back from LA and I've got a bunch of photos to upload! On Monday, we spent the day doing touristy stuff such as the Hollywood walk of fame, Chinese theatre with the handprints, and walking by the Kodak theatre where the Oscars are held. We would have gone inside but stupidly, we parked in a one hour parking zone and had to rush back back to our car.
There were a ton of tourists, as expected at the Chinese Grauman theatre with everyone looking for their favorite handprint. I wasn't too enthused about finding a specific person as I was just taking some pictures of whoever I stepped on.
After Hollywood, we stopped at Chinatown and ate at one of the restaurants we found on Yelp. Too bad we were later told San Gabriel Valley is where the good Chinese food is at because what we ate was the worst meal we had during our entire trip!
The rice was the only thing that was decent!
spicy squid
honey walnut shrimp

Tuesday agenda: Drive down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), stop at Malibu Seafood Inn, go to Venice Beach, meet a friend for Korean bbq at Soowon Galbi in Koreatown
The sun was in my eyes so I look a bit disgruntled but I was super excited to eat some fresh seafood near the water.
Everything we ordered was DELICIOUS!!
steamed clams in garlic broth
fish n chips
jumbo shrimp cocktail
clam chowder

Venice Beach skate park

Muscle Beach

Chicken Matzo Ball soup
a quick yummy snack at Nate and Al's in Beverly Hills-
New York style pastrami sandwich with potato salad
We met a friend of T's at Soowon Galbi in Koreatown and were amazed at how HUGE Koreatown is and how many restaurants and businesses exist here. Apparently, you can move from Korea to the United States and not have to speak a lick of English- just move to K-town in LA!
The food here was really authentic, flavorful, and the service is excellent, once you get seated of course. A heads up, you are pretty much ignored til you get seated at your table, and that might take a while even WITH reservations!!