Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back to the gym

This morning, I did something I haven't done in 5 months.... I went to the gym!!! Craziness! :-) I did my first love, Zumba, and it felt so good to be back in the gym!! The instructor actually approached me during the class, asked me if I was okay, and said if I needed any modifications to ask her. Thankfully, I have enough experience with Zumba and my body that I was able to take it down a notch on my own. Watching all the ladies go at it hardcore really made me miss how my body used to be able to do things higher impact, but I have to remember the reason why I'm doing this in the first place. After the class, I spoke with the instructor and she said she taught Zumba until she was 8 months preggos! Hopefully, I don't get too uncomfortable these last 3 months that I can go to the gym regularly. I think my goal is to go in at least 3-4 times a week. Oh yea, and the gym we joined is XSport Fitness. There are several pros and cons to the gym I'm already spotting.

1.) parking lot
2.) huge cardio section with lots of machines
3.) all you want and need stationary weight machines
4.) variety of group classes
5.) super affordable children's area- you can drop off your kid from 6mths-12 years for $1 per hour or $10 per month!
6.) spa and tanning area, rock climbing wall, basketball court, swimming pool w. whirlpool and sauna
7.) 24 hours- although I don't see myself really taking advantage of this!
8.) affordable monthly rate

1.) no stretch area- you can use the studio exercise rooms though whenever a class isn't in session)
2.) really crowded- maybe I'll just have to find the right time to go when it isn't extra crowded
3.) limited smaller free weights section (for gals like me who don't lift to get big or go home!)

Yesterday, we went to Kohls to get another bath rug and spend our free  $100 Kohl's cash we received when we bought all our home furnishings last week. I was planning on getting lots of candles to spruce up our place but something else caught my eye.. Easter decorations!!
I got this cute little candy dish, along with some things to put up on our mantle.
My goal is to put up something different on the mantle for every season (I'll reuse my decorations of course!). Here's Easter.
We still have to find something sticky to hang this up on our front door. Cute eh?!
Even though we were only supposed to spend the "free" cash we got back, T bought me this super cute and ON sale Vera Wang purse. Me=purses as shoes=most women. :-) 
Lunch yesterday was at Panera after running most of our errands. I got my usual, frontega chicken with a side of broccoli cheddar soup- yum!
T made us dinner last night: bbq chicken with a side salad and rice and peas. We bought a plastic container of washed organic greens that has been a lifesaver for our simple dinners lately. Now no one has an excuse to get your veggies in!
After dinner, we took Sonoma for a walk and ended up at a deserted dog park. Thankfully since Sonoma isn't a fan of other dogs!
She jumped up and kept walking along the ledge behind me- too cute!

Our lunch today totally hit the spot for comfort food central. We had cheesy mac hamburger helper with leaner* ground turkey meat instead of ground beef. It was delicious!!
Plans for today consists of relaxing and going out to dinner for restaurant week to Boka!