Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ukai Sushi

Soft shell crab tempura @ Ukai Sushi.
Omelette nigiri for two. Ukai Sushi is where all the hip and cool kids eat at :P. They even had a DJ!
Tuna tataki
Tuna and avocado roll w. inoki mushrooms.
Salmon, cream cheese, and herb-y maki roll. It was alright.. the herbs definitely masked the salmon. I could barely taste anything!


Wholegrain 1/2 bagel w. garlic light cream cheese
Yogurt bowl w. raspberries, strawberries, and grapes
Lunch was a bed of rocket and chard with quinoa and oven baked salmon

My sweet tooth is crazy this week!
eaten straight outta da carton! Mmmm....okie back to Zumba!

Can't wait for the release of Scream 4 AND Water for Elephants. The trailer makes the anticipation even harder!!