Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rum tasting

Veggies and I have a love relationship right now. I heart Bok Choy!!
I sauteed the veggies in my usual soy sauce and sesame oil mixture along w. a bagel turkey sandwich.
We went to a Milk and Honey rum tasting last night. They had a free tasting event every first Tuesday of the month for members and 1 guest. I love being a plus one :)
They started us off with a Bacardi daiquiri while the guest speaker prepared to give his little schpeal on the history of RUM.
While he was talking, he passed around 6 different bottles of rum. A bit dangerous to let guests pour their own measure dontcha think? The first one had hints of vanilla and coffee.

The second one tasted like canned corn. It reminded me of the sugar and corn fields we drove past almost every day in Hawaii.

and last but certainly not least: the 8 year aged Bacardi. The tasting was a unique way to try different rums straight instead of mixers that mask the true taste. That being said, I think I still prefer my mojitos :)

By the time we were finished with the tasting, I was feeling warm and hungry!! We stopped at Don San for dinner. I justified eating past 9 p.m. since I hadn't eaten any dinner prior to going to M&H.
The pajun had a very nice taste to it and it included plenty of seafood. YUMMY!!
Side dishes
T just had to have his sushi. It was mediocre. I definitely wouldn't come back here for the sushi.
T's bibimbap with thinly sliced pieces of raw beef that slightly cooks in the hot hot hot stone bowl.
My sundubuchigae. It was lovely and perfectly spicy.

Time to finish up my outdoor circuit programme!