Sunday, 17 October 2010

Land of the bike snatchers!!

Someone stole my bike!!! Welcome to London :) No seriously. My bike is gone. I used it maybe 5 times since I bought it 2 summers ago. So long :(

Chicken kiev, spinach and mushroom sauteed and some brown rice
 Shopping excursion aka Hanna's new toys:
It's not exactly a Kitchen Aid but it'll do. I can't wait to start baking!
Salad spinner to get all the excess water out of the veggies I wash. My spinach and lettuce will be grateful!

 Snack after the exhausting 30 minute shopping excursion :o)
You can see the chicken glistening in the grease. Oh how beautiful
London has the best greasy fried chicken in the whole wide wooooorrrrldd!!!!!

I'm on a chicken high.

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