Monday, 5 March 2012

Ken Kees chinese

Downtown to China town...
where T and I indulged in some really good Hong Kong style Chinese food. Even these egg rolls, which weren't exactly the flavor profile I was looking for (they had cinnamon it them) were super delicious!! 
We ordered way to much food, per usual, but I ended up making sure to pace myself and not eat all the noodles in this shrimp wonton soup appetizer. They have HUGE portions here at Ken Kee's.
shrimp and egg over rice- glutenous and amazing with a bit of soy sauce and hot chili sauce.
chinese broccoli with "oil"- T had asked the waiter if they had this type of broccoli in brown sauce and the guy recommended this dish which was lightly seasoned and very tasty!
lightly battered fish with sweet chili sauce- YUM! Doing this post is seriously making me want to eat again.
fried rice with scallops, asparagus, and shrimp.
I was in a serious dessert mood last night so the hubby indulged me and brought back a mixed berry muffin and choco fudge brownie ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. Definitely. hit. the. spot!

Today was my 28 week check up appointment and I had to do the dreaded glucose drink test. Okay, so I'm not sure why its so dreaded, but I always heard from people and pregnant bloggers alike that it isn't that much fun to do. So the deal is, they make you a drink a sugary orange drink within 5 minutes, which isn't that bad BTW, and you wait an hour with no food or drink and then have your blood drawn. I almost forgot after a minute that I couldn't even drink water! No bueno :( Here's more info on why this is done:
Thankfully my hour passed quickly with the help of a couple magazines and some face time with my doctor who gave me info on what will happen in the next couple of weeks. I left the office armed with information on recommended pediatricians, expectant parent classes, and registration for the hospital we'll be delivering at. After this 28 week mark (hello 3rd trimester!), I'll be seeing my doctor every 2 weeks as opposed to every few months in the beginning trimesters. It won't be too long now!
The best part of a long morning doctor's appointment: Chick Fil A. Spicy Chicken sandwich, waffles, and tortilla soup. Best lunch ever!