Sunday, 6 February 2011

Super Bowl Champs...

Korean food makes Hanna a happy happy hippo.
The usual suspects.
The pajun tasted a bit wholemealy (not a word. yes I know.) but it grew on me in the end. There definitely wasn't enough seafood though and it was a bit soggy.
Japchae- this was wonderfully seasoned, prolly the best part of the meal.
Grilled meats and veg.
Hot stone bowl.
w. lots of spicy sauce
Egg fried rice. I don't think I'll go back to Myung-Ga again. The service was poor and I've had better food.
Vienetta for dessert.
Rise and shine cupcake. It's time for a workout then class.
Muesli, cereal, dark choco chips w. strawberry and vanilla yogurt mixed together w. a big, HUGE cup of coffee on the side.

Congrats to the Packers. Super Bowl champs. and for Christina Aguilera for flubbing the national anthem. Who does that!?!?!

Al DeLory

Wholemeal pancakes with dark choco chips and scrambled eggs
with a handful of blueberries for double the antioxidants (blueberries & dark choco chips). This will help keeping my youthful appearance :-D

Lunch after Zumba class:

Last night I went to a charity dance/performance event to raise money and awareness for anti-slavery.  My attempt to take pictures of the dance performance was a big FAIL. It was a beautifully scripted salsa dance though!

 Lunch this afternoon: Breton chicken with spinach

and LOTS of siracha. ;). Trying to stay focused today. 2 more weeks til my advanced personal training exam and practical!!

Me gusta, I love, LuRRRRVE this song.