Sunday, 12 February 2012

Eating, sleeping, and SVU marathons

Since moving to Rockford, we've discovered a couple of decent places to eat, such as Marc's Fusion Cafe and this burrito bowl above at Panchero's Mexican Grill. Not too shabby. I wouldn't say it's as good as Chipotle or Chilango's in London but it's an enjoyable bowl of chicken, beans, rice, corn, and salsa.
I've also been enjoying a lot of my mom's cooking since being here. Who doesn't love their momma's cookin!!
This was a mixture of a few days old Chinese food and some fresh ingredients like the schrimp!
I also tried Five Guys, a Washington D.C., fresh burger chain that tasted as good as it looked! Yay for handcut fries. Yummy!
T made this delicious Bo ssam the other night using David Chang's recipe found here:
I thought the pork was delicious although a bit salty. T thought the entire dish was wrong due to the weird measurement of ingredients in the recipe. Even I thought it was odd that a recipe would say to use an entire cup of salt!!
Anyway, our entire spread was delicious AND it included some crab claws dipped in homemade spicy mayo sauce.
Panera frontega chicken sandwich and broccoli cheddar you pick two lunch. Is it just me or did the soups get smaller? 
Yesterday, we did the rest of our bedroom furniture shopping and ended up buying two bedroom sets; one for downstairs (the guest bedroom) and another for our master bedroom. This purple one will go in the guest bedroom!
We also saw this beautiful dining set and had to buy it- You can never have enough plates!! :)
Bedding for our room 
All our loot we've accumulated so far.. and more!
Our filling Korean breakfast this morning before I get ready for my friend's baby shower!
Daenjang guk
You've probably been wondering what I've been doing besides all this shopping and eating.. Well.. here it is!! Lots of cuddling, sleeping, and SVU marathons!