Monday, 22 August 2011

Dinner partay

T was feeling inspired and created this amazing tasting amuse bouche- cucumber slice, Japanese spicy mayo, prawn topped with a quail egg. It was a crunchy, savory, and salty delicious bite!
fresh pesto made in a mortar and pestle.. I seriously doubted why he had to go through the trouble of making pesto by hand when it could be done so much easier with a food processor but T was quite particular about using this M&P.. maybe it's all in my head but the pesto did seem extra flavorful!
mock burrata- buffalo mozzarella cheese with smoked salmon, olive oil and homemade pesto
GF flour?! Yes puhlease! We had a menu that was mostly Gluten Free except the beers and speculoos cookies because Tarek's friend turned out to be watching her gluten intake as well. I didn't feel AS bad making T be sure not to add any gluten products.
He double fried these bad boys for extra crispiness. Bt dubs- We said it was GF, not healthy!
K.F.C. (Korean Fried Chicken) . Awesome sauce!!!
these wings turned out to be tastier than any other batch he's made. I think he finally perfected the recipe!
I seriously could eat a bajilion of these.. whatever a bajilion is ;)
this dover sole with shallots was super tasty but T thought it was his weakest dish. His and another person's turned out to be slightly spoiled? or at least didn't taste the greatest so he'll be writing a letter of complaint to Waitrose since we had just gotten the filets that morning. It was unfortunate because at least mine tasted good!

the makings of an Indian spiced Shepherd's pie.
After this dish came an unpictured but mightly tasty, tender, 7 hour cooked shoulder of lamb with a balsamic glaze. Yuuuuum!! It was so good I must have forgotten to take a picture.. I also forgot to take a picture of our guests. :( blergh. I need to be better about taking pictures of actual people instead of just the food. How sad I have to even think about doing that! Anyways, our dinner party was a success! It was so nice to have good company, food, and drinks all around. Even Sonoma got in on some of the action- she loves party guests!

Breakfast then its time for the gym.. I'm debating on what to do today. I'm t-i-r-e-d but thinking back and chest since my legs are quite sore still!
duck sauce egg scramble