Thursday, 20 October 2011

Are you ready for some football?

This cold has sort of gotten the best of me so I haven't really been in the blogging mood as of late. My routine this week has consisted of doing 3 things
1.) Sleeping/Napping (Since I don't seem to be sleeping through the night very well, I'm needing daily naps and/or to lie down to "rest my eyes"
2.) Eating
3.) Going to class
4.) Studying (barely)

I can't believe I made it to all my classes this week! *pats myself on the back*. T and I got some really fantastic news on Wednesday so I think I've been drifting on that high.. Lord knows I need some sort of high since I haven't been to the gym once this week! I'm taking my own advice and not hitting the gym when I'm sick. Hopefully by next week, I'll be recovered from this cold and ready to hit the some weights. I NEED to be  recovered from this cold. It's NFL weekend this week! Weee!! *squeal*

Some of my recent eats:
London Turkish Kabob shop on the corner saves us on busy/lazy nights!
I always get the grilled chicken/lamb cubes with veggies and spicy red with garlic sauce
finding extra ways to sneak in some Vit-C
I've consumed lots of soup and noodles this week (this wasn't my only bowl!!)
I have this suspicion that the reason I got so powerfully sick is I wasn't eating well AT ALL and I wasn't exercising on a regular basis. Maybe its all in my head, but... maybe not..
mas soup
cinnamon and all-spiced eggs.. I can taste food AGAIN!! ever so slightly :)
don't ask me why I have a hankering for doritos!! Chicken soup, millet bread, chips, and a glass of OJ (I had an unpictured tuna sandwich on the bus back home from school)
afternoon snack attack: I made myself some chicken wings to go w. broccoli and ranch dip. ha!!

the wings were washed in water, coated with a prepackaged chicken fry mix, seared in a skillet and finished cooking in the oven. I think next time I'll remove the skin from the chicken first!!
Well, I'm heading out soon for a trunk show party so I best get ready! I'm not much of an accessory person but I've always considered that my weak spot I want to improve. What perfect timing that my ex-pat friend invited me to a showing of Stella and Dot at her flat. I told her my sick bootay will come but now I'm thinking I won't stay the entire 2 hours... Please go away cold!!