Sunday, 16 October 2011

Away we go

Saturday morning omelets are the best!
especially when filled with gooey American cheese, scallions, and turkey.

After breakfast, I managed to squeeze in a legs workout from home. I love our Active Channels on Sky tv because there are surprisingly a lot of good fitness videos that you can record and do at home. So far, I have a bums, kettlebells, legs, and yoga workout all saved on our TV. My legs workout consisted of a lot of squats, lunges, one legged squats, quadrapeds, etc.. Ouch! My legs are super super sore. I know my workouts are effective when I have trouble sitting down and getting up from seats :-)

I was feeling super tired last night so T indulged me with some delivery from Thai Aubergine, my our favorite Thai place near Kings Cross.
duck spring rolls with hoisin dipping sauce. Perfectly crispy and delicious!
bbq spare ribs
Beef with fresh ginger, garlic, onion & a dash of tamarind juice. I still enjoyed this even though the ginger flavor was a bit strong.
Egg. Fried. Rice.
king prawn curry. The curry is always watery in this dish but the flavor is really somethin sumfin delicious!
the chicken pad thai is always a hit here. It has the right amount of peanut-y flavor. Delish!
After dinner, I lied down on the couch and enjoyed Away we Go. I found the movie and its actors super endearing but beware, the movie becomes somewhat of a tear jerker (or maybe its just my hormones!)
Breakfast then its time to STUDY STUDY STUDY. No bueno.