Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer to fall clothes SWAP!

Dinner last night was at DiMonforte, our local Italian spot where we entertain guests. Last night was no exception as we took T's friend who has been staying with us out for a farewell dinner. I do love having guests most of the time, but this time around, I felt a bit antisocial and haven't been feeling "myself" lately, if that makes any sense!
We started with some delicious breads and a really tasty ratatouille. Anyone else think of this rat when eating ratatouille? hehehe..

different than your butter or standard olive oil and balsamic dip, but just as yummy!
We ordered two appetizers, one was an eggplant parm with stuffed mushrooms and the other calamari.
with a squeeze of lemon= perfecto!
I had the salmon with balsamic and carmelized onions on top. I ordered this dish again because it was really good the last time I had it. I thought it was pretty good this time around, but the fish was slightly overcooked.

I stole a lot some of T's delicious pasta.
side of generously buttered veggies and potatoes

Excuse me while I dust my shoulders off... *ahem* I always seem to pick the best desserts and this one was serious good! The dessert was an amaretto and nut semifreddo that was texture heaven in my mouth- crunchy, cold, and chocolatey good! had me at hello amaretto!
Our guest had the tiramisu that I didn't try because I was preoccupied stuffing my face with mine :). We really love Dimonforte because the food never disappoints and the service is pretty good overall. It’s also Taste London, so it entitles you to 50% off when you make a booking. We made one last minute, arriving at the restaurant at 9:40 and leaving near 11 p.m. I would definitely recommend checking it out!

I woke this morning with a cloggy head and a bad feeling that a cold was coming on. As I'm sitting here typing, I'm sadly missing my weekly PUNCH class at my gym. :( So sad.. I hate being sick and missing classes, but I'm listening to my body for once and lying low today.
breakfast of champions- an omelete with veggies and cheddar cheese
this breakfast fueled me through my task of tackling the closet this morning.. I've decided to do the unspeakable... Change my clothes from summer to fall (excuse me while I go cry in my mess of a closet for the loss of summer). .Okay, I'm back and saying hello to comfy big sweaters and chilly weather that makes me crawl under the blanket and snuggle for a just a bit longer!!
Now you see it...
and then you don't :) Holla!!
sigh.. till we meet again..