Friday, 9 March 2012

California dreamin

If you want to bake something super easy, decadent, and filled with peanut butter flavor, I would highly recommend making this recipe from BabyGizmo: 

buttered pretzel crust
peanut butter cookie layer on top of crust
reeses cups layer then brownie fudge mix on top
Despite being slightly overcooked, it was delicious! 
We recently had this Bird's Eye Chicken Florentine for dinner and it wasn't as good as the other packaged meals that we've been eating lately like Bertolli's. It was a bit veggie heavy, which I usually like but there's something about a super healthy tasting meal that doesn't satisfy. Oh well!
Burgers and corn for lunch. Can you guess which one of us had the double stacker? Eek!
This afternoon, I was in the mood for a good bowl of Asian noodle soup so I suggested going to the Belly Shack without really knowing that they would have what I was looking for. We've been to owner Bill Kim's sister restaurant Urban Belly that has soup on the menu so I only assumed this one would too but I was WRONG!!
T ordered from the specials board this shrimp bowl with bok choy, mushrooms, organic brown rice, kimchi, and Korean spices.
I had a similar type bowl with chicken instead. Yum!
Togarashi spiced fries with a delicious curry mayo dip
Now I'm looking forward to a lazy Friday night in prep for our upcoming "Babymoon" to L.A. Neither t and I have been to L.A. and we're really excited about our last vacation before baby arrives. We leave early Sunday morning!!
I'll be California dreaming :-)
Our latest toy arrived today!! I've always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for as long as I can remember so I'm super stoked to finally have one in our home.