Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Strollers and breast pumps

The last couple of days have been pretty busy- dropped off dad at the airport, went and bought more baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby, drove into Chicago for a doctor's appointment and dinner meeting with T's potential collegues.. PHEW!! On the plus side, we have a new stroller, car seat, and breast pump. I swear, if all our purchases from here on out are baby related and not for us, I would still be extremely happy. It gives me so much pleasure to buy anything and everything for our lil guy.
We bought the Graco car seat because I was told by our Real Estate agent that its compatible with the BOB jogging stroller (as long as you get a car seat adapter). We also made sure this was correct info with the Buy Buy Baby consultant before purchasing this car seat.
Now the real test is figuring out how to use this thing!! I love/hate reading manuals!
A hands free breast pump for the days when I can't breastfeed because
a.) I'm too tired
b.) I'm trying to wean
c.) I need to step out during the day/night and someone else has to feed
d.) Hands free so I can do some catch up on blogs, reading, texting, whatever!!
I bought the BOB stroller SE because I heard great reviews from people and the web. When I tested it out at the store, it felt like butta!! Moving around with it and turning it proved to be a cinch so I'm super happy with our purchase :)
After baby shopping, we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We started with fried mac n cheese and southern style chicken sliders- yum!
the chicken sliders were my fav!
Poor momma- she got sick during our lunch!!
I could only finish 1/2 of my old fashioned burger because I was so full! Plus, I wanted to save a little room for cheesecake.
Their red velvet cheesecake was delish and not super sweet considering all that frosting.

On Monday, we went down to Chicago and I had my first meeting with the doctor that might potentially be birthing my baby. I say potentially because our of the 6 doctors at their practice, it depends on whether I go into labor at night (different doctor maybe), and if I have the baby on the weekend (again potentially a different doctor). Dr. Muchandani was nice and approachable. I felt she really cared about my well being because she asked me a lot of comprehensive questions to get the full scope of my pregnancy thus far and also did a full exam, which I didn't feel I got while being looked after in London.

Dinner was at Mastro's, a steakhouse in Chicago. I didn't take any pictures since this was a dinner out with T's potential work colleagues. My appetizer was the mushrooms with lump crab, which I thought was perfectly cooked but the crab didn't really sing in the dish. The petite filet for my entree was delicious but not really anything out of the ordinary. I did think our sides were delicious though (lobster mash- I got 4 huge chunks of lobster!!), and our dessert (butter cake- accompanied with strawberries and fresh whipped cream). Overall, I thought the food was good but I couldn't really justify the prices IF we would have paid for the dinner ourselves.