Friday, 2 September 2011

Gotta do dem lunges!

I had quite the workout dilemma this morning that took me about an hour too long to figure out. I suggest that if you get easily unmotivated from going to the gym (like me sometimes), to plan your workouts in advanced, or perhaps the night before.

So, I've only recently started reincorporating working out my legs because they were just plain tired from all the zumba, salsa, and running I had been doing. Going salsa dancing 3 times a week and practicing zumba routines throughout the day left my feet achy and my entire lower body weak. Life's all about balance isn't it? I decided leg strength is more important to me right now than anything else so I cut down on the running and most recently the salsa dancing and zumba practice 24/7. Now back to my dilemma this morning, I couldn’t remember how I split up my legs routine in the past. Brain fart!! I was majorly confused. Should I lift all the leg muscles at once? Zone in on the hams and glutes? Focus on quads and calves? For some reason, I just couldn’t make up my mind! I referred to some internet sources for inspiration:

Here's the routine I ultimately settled with:  Most of the exercises were 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Deadlift
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Wide grip overhead barbell split squat (I held a 10kg barbell over my head with a staggered stance, left foot in front of right and lunged down for 10 reps each side)
  • Barbell straight-leg deadlift (I made sure to concentrate on squeezing my glutes when lifting the barbell back up- this helps to engage your hip muscles instead of your lower back)
  • Single-leg standing dumbbell calf raise (I placed my foot that was doing the raise on a 20kg weight plate)
  • Curtsy lunge with dumbbells
  • Calf press on leg press machine 3 ways- toes pointed out, in, and straight (15 reps, 3 sets)
perfect snack prior to teaching zumba: a sweet gala apple with crunchy peanut butta

Dinner last night: Simple to make and o' so delicious!
I love the taste of roasted broccoli with simple seasonings. I just oven roasted these fiberlicious boys in EVOO, salt and pepper for 15 minutes and they turned out cooked but slightly crunchy- YUM!
more burgars! (that's my attempt at a Jersey accent)
more sauteed vegetables- I make sure to fill up on high volume, low calorie things like mushrooms, broccoli, and red onions. It is very hard to get fat by eating your weight in veggies! :) Not that you want to literally eat your weight in veggies.
love love love the smell of caramelized onions wafting in the house.. weird I know!!

I topped my burger with ketchup, dijon mustard, and siracha. It was perfect.

hot sauced and ketchup eggs prior to my legs workout this morning.

here's to looking at you kid.
more amazing protein smoothie in a coffee mug
I could never get sick of these!

Song of the day:  "Let it go"- from the Step it up 2 soundtrack.. haha I'm such a nerd!! :)