Thursday, 27 October 2011


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I've been on a bagel kick lately. Just some scrambled eggs and 1/2 a toasted sesame bagel with garlic and herb spread- YUM! Perfect pre-class breakfast.

I've been doing A LOT better this week about eating inside the home. The past couple of weeks were horrendous on my diet; it consisted of lots of junk food, chips, and takeaways. Greens never tasted so good!!
piri piri chicken, brown rice, and steamed kale and spinach seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
sauteed balsamic shrooms to compliment the lamb shanks for dinner.
pop this bad boy in the oven for an hour
and you get a delicious, tender lamb shanks and roasted veggie dinner in no time!
I also made some wild brown rice on the side. This was so delicious!
leftover piri chicken for lunch
check out how green my kale is! What a lovely color.
chicken in tarragon and white wine sauce, spaghetti carbonara, and kale on the side for dinner.
I used Bobby Flay's kale recipe.
cinnamon and all spiced eggs for breakfast
salad and spaghetti for lunch before taking my usual afternoon "power nap".
the blob O' meat doesn't look very good but oh.. looks can be deceiving. This was very tasty.
sprinkled with some gluten free cheese and chili flakes. I had some cheese flakes left over from my gluten free diet experiment so I decided to use it. It tasted like regular parm cheese sprinkled on top! Mmm!

Time to get my study on. I have a chemistry AND biology test next week. Blergh. I made it to the gym on Tuesday but haven't been inside since so no workout updates :(

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