Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Club Gascon

T took me out to eat for lunch yesterday at Club Gascon to celebrate meeting his target weight for the month. Cheers for meeting goals! I was just happy to celebrate with some great food. Club Gascon is a Michelin starred French restaurant that has a fantastic special August lunch menu for £22!! Gee, doesn't get much better than that.
I love Michelin starred dining because everything has a spot of elegance to it from the matching cutlery to the beautiful d├ęcor and ambiance.
If there’s one thing I don’t like about fancy schmancy dining, it’s the fact that I have to tread very softly with my Bozo feet. Bt dubs- make sure you turn off the flash or else you will be scolded :) oopsie!!  
It's not Michelin starred dining without two different types of butter. In fact, I don't think I've ever been served just regular butter EVA! Ahh... the refinement once again! We had foie gras butter to the right and salted yummy butter on the left.
I forgot what this was but I accidentally tried eating it by itself before T stopped me and told me it's some type of butter. HA!
All of my favorite things: clams, mussels, crispy kale, and oyster chantilly. This starter was FANTASTIC!
T had an extra touch of gluten on his plate that mine didn't have: squid ink toasts
The restaurant was very accommodating when I told them I was avoiding gluten. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when they brought out the most lovely gluten free white toast! I happily munched away on two pieces :)
fish of the day with cauliflower cous cous and citrus vinaigrette
I loved the mock cauliflower cous cous! If you don't like cauliflower, you'd probably be disappointed by not having a starch. I, on the other hand, enjoyed it because it was tasty and gluten free! The fish was some type of cod family fish that was cooked perfectly and had a meaty texture to it. The citrus vinaigrette in the middle was a delicious dipping companion with everything.
sigh.. this was about the time when someone told me to turn off my flash. Booo for bad picture quality!!
Dessert for ME was a passion fruit and lemon posset with honey meringues. This was my least favorite dish. I thought everything tasted too sweet and warm. I think something cold would have been a nice contrast to the  warm passion fruit and lemon posset. I took a few bites and left the rest on the plate. Cute presentation though.
Coffee and armagnac granite, milky almond and smoked chocolate cigar for HIM.
Yesterday's dinner was quinoa (home) and takeaway turkish kebabs (chicken, lamb, and veggies)
My lovely two dipping sauces! I love the contrasting taste of the spicy red sauce with the garlicy white sauce. Yum!
After dinner, I watched some True Blood and read Optimum Nutrition in bed. I'm still plugging away--- the book is huge!!
His and Hers bowls of oats
speculoos oatmeal
GF oats with dark chocolate chips and almond butter swirl for breakfast.

Agenda: patiently waiting for this afternoon's PUNCH class, teach Zumba, finally go out salsa dancing again - love :)

this movie looks so good!