Friday, 16 September 2011


Last night's dinner with the girls at Wahaca was probably one of the best dining experiences I've had in a long time. Wahaca is a Mexican restaurant and its concept is authentic Mexican street food. Thankfully, we arrived and were seated pretty much right away. The place was jam packed and it only grew busier as the night went on. I luuuurved all the different flavours of our food, yum; everything was so spicy and delicious!

The meal last night was also considered our last supper since one of the chickadees is flying back to her coop! I mean moving back to her home in Canada/Bejing. :)

The way the menu is set up, you can order a variety of tapas like dishes to share with friends or order bigger dishes to either share or eat by yourself. We ordered a bunch of small plates to share, one big salad and a tiny side of rice.

Chips and Dip- Can you tell me someone who can eat just ONE chip? I would like to meet 'em, shake their hand, and say, "congratulations my friend, you just did the impossible."
Some Iphone Istagram action
spicy chicken quesadilla (pronounced- case A dilla! :-D)
spicy sauce on top of the quesadilla PRONTO!! Spice averse eaters beware-- the sauces are pretty hot!
the dipping sauces were very spicy but super delicious!
I had a sip of my friend's horchata- it was cinnamon-y and dairylicious. I would kill to be in that kitchen where this cinnamon milk is being made. Mmmmm heavenly!!
Poo pooh! Excuse my blurry iphone picture. This pic does not do this salad any justice. It was a delicious salad with lettuce, corn, avocado, black beans, and a delicious Mexican tasting relish.
pork tacos- the wonderful flavor of the juicy pork combined with red onions, and cilantro were spot on!!

We ordered a new item on Wahaca's menu: queso fundido with cactus and fried cheese on top. If you haven't tried cactus, I would definitely recommend doing so if you are lucky enough to see it on a menu. I've only had it a few times but every time, I've very much enjoyed the mild flavour of it.

scallop and shrimp ceviche with a squeeze of fresh lime.. Nom nom nom....need I say more?
I thought the ceviche was worthy of an Instagram transformation. We also ordered a second one because it was just that fresh and delicious!
We ended the meal with dessert even though we agreed we were pretty full.
churros (fried dough) and chocolate dip
What a lovely way to end the meal and our time together just the three of us. It's been so great dining out with these ladies; they are true foodies!

I took this picture yesterday at the park with lil Nomi's. Fall is upon us fo sho!

On to a more sad topic that's been weighing on my heart. Recently, a dear friend of mine sprung the news that her mother’s illness had taken a turn for the worst. Upon hearing this, my heart began aching for her and her family. I naturally began to think about my own mother, and had an urgency to call her and hear her voice. Events like these always remind me never to take anything for granted.

After wallowing in some sadness this morning, I've come up with a short list of life’s little reminders. Here are some of them:

Live life unapologetic; be yourself always
Embrace your weird quirks, celebrate them, and ignore all the haters!! :)

Find things in life you truly enjoy and do it more often

Think positively

Smile and laugh often

Stop and smell the roses, or whatever else you love! Mine would be chocolate chip cookies.

Always know that when your life seems bad, someone is probably fighting a bigger battle
Judge less; love more
Love your parents; call them often

Each day is a new day, mistakes happen, learn from them because you can always start over!

Celebrate your body; nourish it; exercise it  *btw- my arms kill from yesterday's lifting session- SWEET!!!!*