Friday, 14 October 2011


Yay! I can finally say my weekend is here!! TGIF! :-) haha.. it feels so weird saying that since I haven't been in school since 2006. Yeesh! I'm actually a part time student though so my schedule has gotten somewhat lighter. I attend classes from Wednesday 9:30- 12, Thursday, 9-12, and Friday 9-1 p.m. Not too shabby.

Now you would think this still leaves me plenty of time to blog, workout, and study, but I'm finding it really difficult these days to manage my schedule. It's only been a couple weeks though so I'm hoping I just haven't "found my grove" yet. Here are some pictures from a couple nights back.
I made wild salmon for dinner prepped in:
  • brown sugar
  • soy sauce
  • vegetable oil
  • water
  • garlic powder
I used this recipe again because the last time I made it, the fish turned out sweet and delicious. I baked the fish in the oven for 15 minutes on 175 C but the fish turned out a bit overcooked so I think next time I'll make sure to take it out after 10.
saute of zuchinni, red onions, and mushrooms in EVOO, salt, pepper, and garlic powder
yuum.. I could really taste the true flavor of the veggies since I didn't douse everything in siracha this time! :)
What a simple, healthy, and tasty dinner. Mmm mmm!

Lunch yesterday was soup,salad, and more soup!
I've rediscovered my passion for light ranch dressing again. Hallelujah! Thankfully I had a huge stash that was brought over to me by my family.
Waitrose minestrone soup from a container.
this soup is delicious; it contains lots of veggies, pasta, and beans all combined in a lovely tomato-ey broth.
3 hours later... I was still hankering for more soup so I heated myself a can of Cream of Chicken soup and added in some white rice. Cream of chicken and white rice soup! yumm-o
with lots of black pepper

So..  I haven't been to the gym since Monday. BAD HANNA. BAD! Please. Someone. Find. Me. My. Motivation. Again. It's just one of those times in my life where I have lost all will to work out. I'm completely content with sitting at home.. eating... sleeping... studying... eating.... sleeping.....studying.. Real Housewives.. Jersey Shore.. eating ...sleeping.... studying.. :-)

Back to that eating part. I ordered from My Sushi Club again last night since T was busy at work. My platter of sushi included the veggie platter consisting of asparagus, crab, cucumber, and avocado nigiri. I also had two temaki rolls, the California and eel and avocado.
bowl of miso soup
my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach when I ordered the chicken katsu because I was super full by the time I got to this. I had a few bites and saved the rest for the hubs.
it was tasty though!
this little princess managed to sneak in half my California temaki roll when I took a bathroom break. I should have known man; she was eyeing my food all night! BAD GIRL!!

Guess who finally made it to the gym today!? Yes, I went because I made myself no other option but to go. This morning, I packed myself a peanut butter sandwich and and apple so I wouldn't have the excuse "but I'm too hungry to go to the gym!!" and I made sure I kept hydrated and visually pumped myself to go straight there. My vision didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped (ie: sweat dripping, endorphins flowing). My workout was pretty tame but it still felt good to get in a workout either way.

Focus: Warm up 6 minutes on treadmill, Back and Chest, 3 sets, 15 reps
  • lat pulldown (B)
  • dumbbell chest press on swiss ball (C)
  • seated low pulley row (B)
  • chest fly on swiss ball (C)
  • assisted pull up (B)
  • push ups on knees (C)
stopped by Chilangos for lunch and scarfed this down immediately upon arrival at home. T'was delicious as always :)
  • chicken
  • lettuce
  • pinto AND black beans
  • mild salsa (inc. tomatoes) and hot salsa
  • light sour cream
  • light sprinkle of cheese
I've sort of fooled myself into thinking this is a healthy lunch. You do save yourself some calories though by eliminating the tortilla and going light on the sour cream and cheese. I was half tempted to skip the sour cream and cheese but no way man, it adds that much more flavor to the salad! Yummmy!!

Time to relax and reflect aka nap time!