Friday, 13 January 2012

See ya later London Met!

I am now officially done with London Metropolitan University!! I had my last final today and afterwards turned in my withdrawal form and student ID. My post school plans are to take a year off for baby and then **hopefully** continue my pre-Dietetics studies at a community college before enrolling in a 3-4 year RD program at University. As with most things in life, sometimes you are thrown a curve ball, (baby) and you just have to put everything on hold to roll with the punches! 

Sitting here, I wouldn't have thought in a short span of 3 weeks, we would be moving back to the states, looking for a new job, apartment, AND getting ready to have a baby. While out walking my dog, I'm now taking more time to look around me and really enjoy the last sights and sounds of London and our neighborhood before we get ready to leave. Our movers are coming next Wednesday, and we're booked on a flight for Saturday.

Some recent eats:
I've had such a hankering for chicken throughout my pregnancy and earlier this week was no exception. After work, T picked up some Nando's chicken to go along with some piri piri dusted french fries and corn on the cob. Mmm mmm delicious!
The chicken is best eaten with your hands and dipped in hot and garlic Nando's sauce. :o) Anyone know where you can find Portuguese style chicken in the states?
I've also been back on my Pret a Manger kick. 
chicken and bacon sandwich with cheese and onion chips
creamy tomato soup on the side. I'm not sure if they have Pret in Chicago, but Corner Bakery is a good substitution!
T made us a lamb meatloaf with lots of veggies for dinner earlier this week.
It tasted yummy but my tummy didn't really feel so good afterwards..  :(
For lunch, I made myself an oven baked salmon (garlic, salt, cayenne pepper), and kale sauteed brown rice with soy sauce. Yum!
more Pret for lunch today. I know the pregnancy folks say I shouldn't be eating deli meat, but this chicken and bacon sandwich sounds so good lately!!
with more chips and tomato soup
Pret's tomato soup is really lovely; it's creamy and thick with chunks of tomato.
Let me out!!