Saturday, 18 June 2011

Jalapeno yellowtail with coriander, garlic, jalapeno, chilli in yuzu ponzu. We went to Tsunami restaurant for a late lunch to celebrate N's high school graduation. 
sun kissed salmon- seared in hot olive oil with ponzu
shrimp and vegetable tempura

aubergine "sushi"
different types of vegetarian friendly rolls
sashimi- mmm drool!!! There is nothing greater in my book than buttery fresh fish. Yuuumminess!
Tsunami roll
Tuna, snow crab, salmon, yellowtail, sweet shrimp, avocado, kampyo, tamago, tobiko, cucumber & scallion wrapped in nori.

eel and foie gras nigiri. This was a delicious combination of silky foie gras and sweet eel. Party in my mouth ya'll.

truffled rib eye- the beef was super flavorful and tender
miso cod- a must try on the menu. The fish is already sweet from soaking in miso but they include some additional miso dipping sauce. My FAV on the menu!
Udon noodles in a soy based broth
wasabi lamb

After lunch, I relaxed for about 30 minutes before teaching Zumba. Loves!

Dinner was at Ran restaurant on Great Marborough Street in Soho.,Islington&cid=3222736697398681566
This restaurant is probably T and I's favorite go to Korean bbq restaurant. We've been here 4 times (I think) with big groups and we always have a blast. The food is great and the service is pretty good!
Seafood pajun
spicy radishes- I don't quite feel normal if I don't get my bi weekly dose of kimchi. I start to get a lil crazaay!!
large platter of meats
Dolsot bibimbap
Bbq meats
my sista from another mista. Okay that doesn't really work but anyways my sis in law graduated high school yesterday. Whoop Whoop!! She did everyone P-R-O-U-D! Think back to the day YOU graduated high school. Crazy how fast time flies!

I swear she's there!!
Yea buddy!!

the proud family :-)