Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

leftovers from yesterdays lunch with some added mushrooms and more spinach
Dinner was delivery from Ginnan. I was craving some Japanese food.
Chicken katsu- dang! I forgot to order rice with it. I didn't even realize it came separately!
Eel and cucumber hand roll and salmon skin. Both hand rolls were mediocre but the chicken katsu was pretty dang good!
It's Royal wedding bonanza here in London. I was patient enough to sit (outside in front of the tv) through most of the ceremony but lost interest about halfway through the procession and then regained interest when Prince William and Kate had their first kiss on the balcony. BTW.. how beeautiful was Kate today and her dress. Her dress looked spectacular on her!!

7 days before we leave for U.S.A.. U.S.A!! Woo hoo!!