Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Finishing touches to the nursery
The last piece to the puzzle of a nursery room came two nights ago when my ottoman, and glider arrived from  I woke up to a pleasant surprise yesterday morning when T had this assembled while I was sleeping. It's perfect, comfortable, and a bit smaller than I thought but I can see it being really useful when the baby comes.
We pulled this out of our freezer for a quick and simple "all inclusive" TGIF lunch.
Step 1: pull frozen ingredients out of bag
Step 2: Heat tablespoon oil on skillet until hot
Step 3: Add frozen ingredients and stir occasionally while it defrosts and heats thoroughly
Step 4: Put tortillas in microwave
Step 5: Optional: Chop up lettuce and put out additional salsa, sour cream, mexican cheese
Step 6: Devour!

After lunch, we made the most out of a day that felt like Spring and took Sonoma to the doggie park! She had the time of her life running around trying to chase other dogs balls for over an hour. Sigh.. the simplicities of life :-)

I can't believe how long I waited to finally bring her inside the gates! She gets along with most of the dogs and has gotten into only a couple minor altercations.
She had a couple interested dogs sniff hello but none that were too taken with her.
I tried their Pistachio for the first time and loved it!
Afterwards, I made sure to stop by Forever Yogurt since we were halfway there anyways and I couldn't help crave it on such a beautiful, sunny day!
Back to Babylon for dinner, starting with their delicious lentil soup. 
Appetizer sampler of falafel, baba ghanouj, hummus, tabbouli and dolmeh. The baba ghanouj had a lovely smokey flavor that wasn't overpowering like most I've tasted; it was really delicious!
I ordered the salmon platter after having an afternoon realization that I haven't been meeting my weekly target of omega-3's!
We also got a pleasant surprise in the mail today from my dear friend: the baby's first toy! He's going to love it!